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• Tbilisi; • Sighnaghi;

• Batumi; • Kutaisi;

• Kazbegi


The wedding day is very important for all and preparation for this day is beginning 2-3 months later. We suggest recommend places in Georgia to celebrate this special day. This places are: Tbilisi, Sighnaghi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Kazbegi.


Tbilisi – It’s a capital of Georgia and one of the greatest and beautiful city in Georgia. Here are many townships, which surprise you. For example: Old Tbilisi, Narikala, Rike, Funikuliori and etc.  in the city there are several wedding houses, among them in Old Tbilisi and Mtatsminda. To organise your wedding day you can rent a chaise and move by this oldest transport. As for the photosession, after sign on Mtatsminda you can photo shoot in Mtsminda park, from where you can see a beautiful scenery on Tbilisi. If you sign in Old Tbilisi, we suggest beautiful photo session in Old Tbilisi. To organize weddings in Tbilisi can be in every season you wish, just because this special day is remarkable and memorable for any couple.


Sighnaghi – This little city is city of Love. Here you see narrow and furnished streets. Beautiful balconies indicates friendly relationships with neighbours. You can sign on a xentral street of Sighnaghi, where wedding house works during 24 hours and you don’t need to record. You have to just visit this house and make this day special. The best period is: Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Batumi – European sea city.  With new and beautiful buildings, where Synthesizing new and old Batumi together. Old and new boulevard is synthesizing each other with contrast. In a central entrance of Batumi boulevard there is shark eye shape wedding house, which works everyday from morning 09:30  to 18:30, except of Tuesday and Wednesday. Your wedding and sign will be memorable for you and for your guests. In this beautiful city, in boulevard and sea coast you can take photos. Also Batumi Botanical garden is the best place to shooting this beautiful day. You can   take a walk by yacht or by a ship and arrange photo shooting in the middle of the sea. It will be more charm for your wedding day. The best period for your wedding is: Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Kutaisi – the city in the west of Georgia, in a region of Imereti. Kutaisi wedding house works from Thursday to Monday. For the photo shooting the best places are: Bagrati cathedral, Gelati monastery, Sataplia and etc. The best period for wedding is Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Stepantsminda (It’s the same as Kazbegi) – situates in 150 km from Tbilisi, at the glacier of Mkinvartsveri. Stepantsminda is mountainous place and tourists wonder here about the scenery of Mkinvartsveri from Gergeti. We promise, that your wedding in Stepantsminda will be emotional and memorable. After the ceremony you can  walk with the horses and your photo session become the memorable. Gergeti is the best place to imprint this beautiful moments. The best period for wedding in Stepantsminda is: Spring, Summer and Autumn.



We can plan your wedding day also in a Borjom-Kharagauli national park. Rent the bend and in the background of live music celebrate this day. Overnight will be in tents. Plan the most different wedding with us!

Also we can organize weddings in: Kvareli, Ilia lake, Shato mukhrani or on Lopota lake.




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