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Kartli is the region of Georgia to the west from Tbilisi.

Gori - the city was founded by one of the greatest kings of Georgia, David the Builder (1089–1125). It has a population of 60,000. Gori is situated where the Liakhvi River enters the Mtkvari. The city was largely destroyed in the 1920 earthquake.

Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori, Georgia is dedicated to the life of the town's most famous son, Joseph Stalin, who became the leader of the Soviet Union.

Uplistsikhe, carved into rocky plateau we find huge echoing halls, long meandering corridor-streets, chambers for pagan worship and even the remains of Georgia's oldest theatre, complete with auditorium, stage and orchestra pit. Like the other cave-towns of Georgia, it is akin to the similar rock structures of Urardhu and the Hittites, which are rooted in the prehistoric traditions of the peoples of the Near East. On the one side the troglodyte fortress was protected by the Kura and an almost vertical rock face, on the other, by powerful fortifications. Its strategic position on the approaches Gori and, in particular, its strong defences made it possible for it to control the surrounding terrain.One should be surprised that there were numerous attempts to destroy it. Only in the 13th century, however, did the hordes of Genghis Khan's son Khulagu succed in doing so, after capturing and destroying many fortresses in Transcaucasia with the help of siege machines. The five thousand inhabitants of Uplistsikhe perished and life ended forever in the fortress.

Ateni Sioni Church is an early 7th-century Georgian Orthodox church some 10 km south of Gori. It stands in a setting of the Tana River valley known not only for its historical monuments but also for its picturesque landscapes and wine. The name "Sioni" derives from Mount Zion at Jerusalem. Sioni is a cruciform domed church (24X19.22 m.) with the facade furnished with carved quadrangle greenish-gray stones, rich decorated ornaments and relief. The church is an imitation of the earlier Jvari church.







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