Healing resorts (Individual)

• Borjomi;                  • Sairme;

• Ureki;                      • Tskaltubo;

• Abastumani;          • Shovi;

• Nunisi;                     • Akhtala


Georgia – is a country, which attracts tourists and impresses by it’s natural diversity. In a territory of this little country there are situated variety of  healing resorts. You can rest and unite the pleasant to useful.: enjoy by a beautiful nature, Georgian hospitality and take care of your health!


Borjomi – city in a Samtskhe-Javakheti, above the sea level of 810 meters. This resort is very popular  it’s mineral waters, which heals many diseases. You can taste this mineral water in a central park of Borjomi. Medication: Gynecological diseases, Kidney disease, Nervous system, Metabolic disorders. Borjomi is not only healing resort, there are very beautiful architecture. Treatment is recommended minimum during 10 days. Average price  (1 night) is 50 USD (1 person, three meals a day)


Sairme – Resort near Kutaisi, above the sea level of 950 meters. Unique geographical position and Environmentally friendly environment. Here you can enjoy Coniferous and deciduous forests, the climate of forests, but first of all healing, mineral and thermal waters. Healing:  Locomotor musculoskeletal system, Osteochondrosis, post Traumatic rehabilitation, The digestive system, gynaecological and urological diseases. The hotel is situated on a territory of Sairme. Recommend – treatment minimum during 10 days. Average price (1 night) – 45 USD (1 person, three meals a day)


 Tskaltubo - The main natural factor in Tskaltubo is unique waters with  chemical properties (33-35 grades ). Also near Tskaltubo is situated several caves, where you can plan excursions. Treatments: Locomotor musculoskeletal system , nervous system, Psycho rehabilitation, Cardio vascular system, ginecology, sterility, Skin diseases. Recommend: treatment minimum during 10 days, average price (1 night) – 40 USD (1 person, three meals a day).


Ureki – this resort is very popular in Summer, situates on a black sea coast. It’s popular and well-known with it’s magnetic sand. Family trip is very convenient. Treatment:  Locomotor musculoskeletal system , nervous system, psychological rehabilitation, Cardio vascular system,  endocrine system, skin diseases. Do not recommend persons with Asthma and tuberculosis diseases. Recommend: treatment minimum 7 days. Average price is (1 night) – 50 USD (one person, three meals a day)


Shovi - Balneological climatic resort in a Georgia. Shovi is very popular with wild nature and beautiful sceneries. Treatment: Respiratory tract and Paratuberculosis disease, the digestive system, nervous system, recommend: treatment minimum during 7 days. Average price  (1 night) – 35 USD (1 person, three meals a day)


Abastumani – mountain fresh air, Moderate dryness, Pine spruce & fir forests - These favorable conditions rest in Abastumani is good during whole year.  Abastumani is well-known their observatory. Treatment: tuberculosis, Locomotor musculoskeletal system, nervous system, ginecology and others.  Recommend: treatment minimum during 5 days. Average price (1 night) – 30 USD (1 person, threemeals a day)


Nunisi - Wellness and beautiful nature, famous balneological resort the beauty of the famous balneological resort.  Unique mineral waters. Treatments:  Psoriosis, Neurodermatitis, nervous deases, Infectious skin diseases, Heart diseases, Hypertensive heart disease. Recommend: treatment during 10 days, average price (1 night) – 45  USD (1 person, three meals a day)


Akhtala – it’s Mud cure resort. There is sanatorium in Akhtala as for children and grown-ups (Polyclinic, baths)  Treatment:  chronic diseases of locomotor musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gynecological diseases. Average price (1 night) – 45 USD (1 person, three meals a day)




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