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We suggests you Extreme tours. Among them:



Caving tourism  - it’s a trip in a beautiful world. You can see unic and wondering underground spaces and rivers. Only you have a chance to see this wondering things. Tour conducts by caving-instructors. Tour must be in Imereti cavern, in bear cavern or sokolta cavern (near to Promete cavern).


Diving – diving it’s a underwater swimming. The more deep you go, the more interesting is sea. Tours will be by professional guide. The most interesting thing to swim under water is to see wrecked ships and airplanes, sea plants and it’s world is unidentified secret. Very interesting thing in Black sea is ‘Piloplora field’, which is outstretched 36 metres. We can plan the tour in Sarpi, Kvariati, Tsikhisdziri and Paliastomi lake. The best period for diving is: Summer.


Bicycle tour – bicycle traking is new species of Extremal tourism, which is very popular in Georgia. Here you can plan bicycle tour in lowland and mountainous regions, where it’s most interesting. During the bicycle tour you can see historic egles.


Hike with tents  -  Visit villages, which is hard to reach and see how live native people untouched and natural environment.  Georgia has diverse places, which is good for hiking. This is reflected in flora and fauna.  You can plan the tour on Spring, summer and Autumn.


Jeep tour – The landscape of Georgia, nature and roads make impressive jeep tours. During this tour we are looking ancient, populated villages, cultural monuments and beautiful nature.  During the tour we see alpine zones, where we can touch the snow, also we see the desert. Travel and feel Georgian culture, taste Georgian cuisine and meet ancient civilization, which glories Georgia. Travelling and planning tours you can in Kazbegi, Svaneti, Pshavi, Tusheti.


Ski tour – in Georgias ski resorts you can meet unic natural treasures and dizzying beauty of peaks. One of the most developed mountain-ski resorts in Caucasus are in Georgia. Here you can choose comfortable hotels, ski on a ski slopes, enjoy and travel with quadrocycles, walk with horses and enjoy panorama of snowy mountains. We suggest you winter tours in Bakuriani, Gudauri, Mestia, Betania, Tetnuldi, where you’re waiting the most impressive vacation.


Rafting – is active vacation sort, for which is used Inflatable boat. As a rule you can raft from the different difficulty mountain rivers. Boats are different forms, which manages trainer. There are from 4 to 12 human in a boat. Rafting tours in Georgia you can plan on a rivers: Mtkvari, Aragvi, Rioni, Tskhenistskali, Tergi, Enguri, Kodori.


Hunting – is very popular in Georgia. For hunting it’s attractive with it’s landscapes and beautiful fauna. You can plan the tour Georgia’s different regions, accordingly you can plan hunting on birds and animals. (hunting can only concrete animals and birds.) Hunting on pheasant by prey birds is spectacle, which must see everyone in Georgia. By your desire you can hunt with an experienced hunters.


Horse riding – Get out from noisy cities, dusty streets, office walls and walk in the fresh air. Horse riding is source of positive emotions. It helps you to relax. Horse riding tours is carried out Georgia’s different regions. One of the route is Borjom-Kharagauli national park, where is vindicated and cordoned original face of nature. Also you can ride a horse in Tbilisi hippodrome, where you will serve specialists.



Paradigling  - Fly far and high!  Paradigling is popular in mountainous cities and Georgia has much potential. For beginners in Georgia the best place is near Tbilisi sea and in Rustavi. For professionals there are much places, such as: Svaneti (Mestia). Kazbegi, Tusheti, Racha, Gudauri. Begginers will fly with fliers. Before the fly will be training. The duration of the flight is depend on weather. The best period is April – July.



Fishing – fishing is the best relaxing thing. Successful fishing will forget you everyday problems.  You can fishing in the rivers and ponds. Also on the black sea coast, which is popular varieties of fish. During the tour native and experienced fishers will introduce and tell you stories and details about this activity. In the end of the tour we can plan the picnic in the nature.


Mountain climbing – Caucasus is tourism and mountain climbing center. It’s purpose is to ascend on mountain peak. Essence of mountain climbing is on the road to mountain peak overcome the resistors. We can plan the tour in Svaneti and Kazbegi. Here are several camps , where are working  professionals who will help you to sensed pleasure which promises active rest in mountain.



Rock climbing – it’s one of the most interesting field in Georgia. To participate in this tour together is to handling time and relax from tiring day. We can suggest tours of rock climbing in Qvemo Svaneti.


Air ballon tours – you can choose the flight 2 or 3 humans, or for 16 humans. Flight is ithe morning, from 6:00. Air ballon moves the direction of the wind. The best period for this tour is Spring and Summer.



Jump from the heel – It means to jump from the hill with special equipment. If you are afraid of altitude you haven’t to participate in this tour. იin the beginning of the tour trainer will introduce us how to jump correctly. This trainers wull help us, that tour will be memorable and wondering. Tour must be carried out in Summer and Spring.


Bird watching – On a Black sea coast  there are more than 1 000 000 migratory birds. This place is one of the main place for bird watching.  Batumi backyard, in particular Chaisubani and Sakhalvasho are one of the greatest place for migratory birds and for bird watching. From 2012 in Achara, in September is "Batumi Bird Festival", which is important event and many foreigner host this region.


Skydiving – one of the species in Extremal tourism is skydiving, which is carried out from high altitude with special equipment. If you have the fear of altitude please do not participate in this tour. Before the tour trainer will introduce us expert and you will fly like a bird. Believe us that this spectacle and feel will stay in your mind.


Moto tours – The interests of moto tours in Georgia create moto tourism camping infrastructure, which will allow people to travel and rest in Georgi, move with motos and feel extreme. You can encamped in tourist camps, which are in mountainous places.



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