10 Days Hiking Tour

(Caucasian Range Hike)

10 Days - 9 Nights


Caucasian Range Hike

Tour Description:

Time: 10 days and 9 nights

Total distance by car:444km

Total distance by foot:57 – 60 km

Trekking difficulty: Moderate

Minimum level you will reach above the sea level: 770 m

Maximum level you will reach above the sea level:3340 m

Tour Price per person: $ 1200 (4 people in the group)

Price includes:4X4 Cars with driver, mountain guide, Fresh Food for Picnic, special trekking equipment (Tent, Sleeping bags, Sleeping Pads, Raining Coats, and First Aid Package)

Day 1: Tbilisi – Arrival / City Tour

After your arrival, you will be taken from your hotel, and receive a Welcome Toast. Following a restful sleep, your journey in Georgia starts with the capital city of Tbilisi. You will see ancient Metekhi and hear the tale of legendary King Vakhtang VI and the founding of the city. You will see the city from on high as you take the cable car to the ancient fortress of Narikala. You will descend into Old Town, experience the sulfur baths, and explore the recently-excavated LeghvtaKhevi. As you cross over the Peace Bridge, you will venture from ancient Georgia into modern times in Rike Park. In the evening, you will enjoy a thoroughly traditional Georgian meal in Old Town.

Day2: Tbilisi-Kazbegi-Gergetisameba

In the morning check out of the hotel in Tbilisi and go to explore the mountain part of Georgia. First on your journey your stop will be in Ananuri, you will see the ancient 17th-century complex. There is the castle and the church and there is the nice view of JinvaliReservoir. After some rest you will have dinner closer to Ananuri in Pasanauri and you will taste some mountain Georgians traditional Foods. Then continue your journey to the unconcerned place in Georgia –Kazbegi. You will take the walk or 4X4 car tour to Gergeti Trinity church. There is a mountain and on the top of it, at an altitude of 2200 meters, you will discover the small church, with the great beauty around it. After see Kazbegi you will start your hike to go to Juta, from there go to Chaukhi and final destination of the day is camping in there.  (Or Guest House)You will have a Dinner in the nature.

Day 3: Juta -Chaukhi Mountain button (walk 6 km_ middle difficulty way)A - Chaukhi  –Chaukhi pass _Abudelauri Lake (6km- walk difficault way)

In the morning you will cross ChauxiMountain (3340m high) and visitAbudelaurebi lakes. When you arrive at Abudelauri Lake, you will be greeted by the deep, rich greens and blues, and pure whites of these pristine alpine waters. You will make camp in this night fantastical scen¬ery. Here are Ice Age stones.

Day 4: Abudelauri Lake- Roshka

In the morning you will continue your adventure. You will hike down the hills to the quaint village of Roshka. Aftewards, you will be taken by 4x4 vehicles to Shatili. You will have your lunch in Shatili and taste local food. Shatili is located 1400m above sea level as an unique monument of Georgia’s architectural heritage.

The village spread on the cliffs is a living quarter and the fortress at the same time.

This is a medieval fortress-village. Shatili’s unique architecture is the proof of the militant nature of Khev¬suri people.

You will visitMutso as well. Mutso lo¬cated 1400m above sea level, which belongs to the same period as Shati¬li and repeats the same architecture. The views from the house-towers are breathtaking.Later you will arrive in Ardoti. You will stay in guest house.

Day 5:Bakhao- Atsunta Pass campsite A (2800 m)

The day will start to hike with horses. You will spend all day on the mountain range of Atsunta. The highest point you will reach is about 3431m high. The check¬point on this day will be campsite A, the high of camp¬site A will be 2800 meter. This way is on the road of big Caucasian range.

Day 6:Atsunta camp A-Atsunti Pass-Atsunta camp B  Tusheti  side

In the morning from campsite A to campsite B you will hike four levels pass about 6 km. You will spot some times to enjoy the nature of Caucasian valley. You will camp about 2600m above the sea level, on the bottom of the Atsunta Pass.

Day 7: Atsunta camp B fromTusheti side- Girevi

In the morning you will go back to the inhabited world and visit village Girevi. You will have lunch on the way to the place. When you arrive you will check in to the hotel or stay in the camp in the village. You will have dinner their too.

Day 8:Girevi -Pharsma– Dartlo

After good rest in the Hostel you will be taken by 4X4 cars and go to the village-museum Dartlo. You will stop on the way and see few places like Pharsma, Chesho, Dano and Kvavlo. You will have lunch on the way somewhere. In Dartlo you will check in to the Hostel and have dinner in there too.

Day 9: Dartlo – Omalo

The next day of your adventure in the mountain Georgia, strats by 4X4 cars and you will visit Omalo, where you will have your lunch and see the old village Omallo. In the evening you will go back to Tbilisi, and check in to the hotel have Dinner in Tbilisi.

Day 10: Tbilisi- Departure

After checking out of your hotel by noon, you will be free to explore Tbilisi at your leisure. After a final farewell, you will then be taken to the Tbilisi International Airport for your departure.




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